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Willard Marine is proud to offer custom boat design services at every level. Our Engineering team will collaborate with you to develop drawings, create an ideal design package, and build the boat you want.  Willard boats are built to the required USCG, ABYC and ISO standards.

Build Quality Assurance

Willard Marine is 9001:2008 ISO certified, which requires that we maintain a strict Quality Assurance and Control program with stringent marine engineering, manufacturing, and testing standards that yield consistent products, reduced costs, and more efficient production timelines for our clients. Collaborating with Manufacturing and Engineering, our QA Department ensures the appropriate tests, inspections, and validation criteria are utilized for all boats that WMI develops.  We document all quality-measurement results and submit the improvements or changes necessary to successfully meet all contract, specification, certification and test requirements.  

Consistent Manufacturing Leadership

The intellectual and experiential equity that our manufacturing team possesses is central to our success.  Willard’s Vice President of Manufacturing, Dave Gutierrez, has been at the company for nearly 40 years, constantly guiding and improving our production processes.  And our manufacturing employees’ average tenure is 22.5 years.  In collaboration with Engineering, Sales and Quality Assurance, our Manufacturing team consistently turns out world-class vessels that our customers re-purchase year after year.  

By managing the vessel design and production process from beginning to end with such an experienced production team, Willard Marine guarantees that our vessels will be of the ultimate in quality and consistency, representing the safest and best-performing boats available.  Contact us today and let’s get your boat built!

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