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Riverine Boats

Willard Riverine boats are fast, agile vessels specially designed to easily maneuver in shallow and littoral water environments. Our low-deadrise hulls provide for a shallow draft in order to conduct search, rescue and recovery operations in fast-flowing rivers and flood conditions. Our Riverine design enables easily troubleshooting the engine and/or waterjet, and the gunwale height above the cockpit is ideal for a safe working area. Riverines can be equipped for command and control operations, fire-fighting and mounted weapons.

Riverine BoatsLength Overall*BeamCapacityConstruction
30' Riverine 8.71m/28' 7" 3.22m/10' 6" Up to 18 Persons Aluminum
22' Riverine 6.72m/22' 1" 2.59m/8' 6" Up to 15Persons Fiberglass
27' Riverine 31’ -1” 11’-1” 16 persons Fiberglass

*Length Overall (LOA) is defined as the distance from the furthest bow appendage to the furthest stern appendage including the tube, collar or fendering; it does not include the propulsion system or optional features such as engine guards or swim steps. Published boat specifications contained herein can be adjusted to accommodate your mission type and desired boat design.

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