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Excursion Boats

Willard has a rich heritage of designing and building unique excursion vessels that enable people to do everything from deep-water diving to ocean rafting, sight-seeing, snorkeling and veiwing marine life. Our rugged rigid hull inflatable boats have been used in Hawaii for decades to host thousands of tourists on daily rough-water adventures, while larger vessels such as our 65’ Semi-Submersible glides through the beautiful coastal waters of Catalina Island in California, allowing passengers to view the local sea life up close while staying dry. Willard secures the appropriate United States Coast Guard approvals when necessary, and will closely collaborate with you to develop the next great excursion vessel.

Excursion Boat NameLength Overall*BeamCapacityConstruction
65' Semi-Submersible 19.81m/65' 5.03m/16' 6" Up to 51 Persons Fiberglass
Seaview 49 14.93m/49' 5.48m/18' Up to 50 Persons Fiberglass
Aquabus Water Taxi 12.17m/39' 11" 3.6m/11' 10" Up to 48 Persons Fiberglass 
Island 30 Shore Boat 9.2m/30' 2" 3.6m/11' 10" Up to 48 Persons Fiberglass

*Length Overall (LOA) is defined as the distance from the furthest bow appendage to the furthest stern appendage including the tube, collar or fendering; it does not include the propulsion system or optional features such as engine guards or swim steps. Published boat specifications contained herein can be adjusted to accommodate your mission type and desired boat design.

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