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Willard Marine’s 43’ High Speed Interceptor Served as Start Boat for Lucas Oil Ocean Cup

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After serving as the 2013 America’s Cup Umpire Boat, Willard Marine’s 43’ High Speed Interceptor was selected as the Start Boat for the Lucas Oil Ocean Cup, a 435-mile endurance run, which took place on October 12, 2013. The grueling race began under the Golden Gate Bridge and ended at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. As the Start Boat, our 43’ Interceptor was responsible for running alongside the 48’ APISA endurance boat and marking its exact time of passage beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Assistant Referee, Gloria Crim and APBA Inspector, Frank Banducci both rode aboard the Interceptor. 

With 1,100 horsepower and a boat that could maintain speeds of approximately 80 miles per hour, a crew of four—Nigel Hook, Andy Hindley, Dan MacNamara, and Lance Ware—set out on their journey just past 8:30am. While initially optimistic about weather conditions, the crew ended up experiencing tumultuous waters with swells of up to 10’, causing everything from electrical problems to water in the fuel tanks. While these technical difficulties were cumbersome, the seasoned crew addressed them quickly and with skill, having to stop only a few times along the run. When all was said and done, the run was completed in 9 hours, 50 minutes, and 51 seconds, setting a world record observed by the The American Power Boat Association (APBA) and the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), which is the world's recognizing body.

Andy Hindley, a member of the run’s crew and the America’s Cup COO was quoted as saying, “there were more knocks and bangs during this 10-hour day trip than there were during the 52-day leg during the Round the World race.” To glean more details about the run’s difficulty, you can read a journal entry written by co-pilot, Nigel Hook at:

If you’re interested in learning more about the Lucas Oil Ocean Cup Crew and 48’ APISA capabilities, check out the following video:

For more information about the run, visit the official Lucas Oil Ocean Cup website at:

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