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Utility Boats

Willard Marine multi-purpose Utility vessels are designed, built and equipped for a variety of operations including stable cargo transportation, research, retrieval and patrol. Ranging in length from 19- to 46-feet, we offer multiple hull designs, outfitting options and commercial accessories to help you get the job done safely and efficiently. Whether you need a wide-beam, center or side console, tiller steering or multiple engines, dive door or customized T-top, Willard Utility boats offer the durable build quality that you can count on for decades.

Utility Name Length Overall* Beam Capacity Construction
Transporter 46 I/B 14.2m/46' 8" 4.20m/13' 11" 21,500 lbs. Aluminum 
Transporter 30 O/B 9.30m/30' 8" 3.05m/10' 0" 10,000 lbs. Aluminum
Little Giant 25 O/B 7.70m/25' 5" 2.60m/8' 5" 3,600 lbs. Aluminum 
Little Giant 23 O/B 7.10m/23' 5" 2.60m/8' 5" 3,300 lbs. Aluminum

*Length Overall (LOA) is defined as the distance from the furthest bow appendage to the furthest stern appendage including the tube, collar or fendering; it does not include the propulsion system or optional features such as engine guards or swim steps. Published boat specifications contained herein can be adjusted to accommodate your mission type and desired boat design.

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